Would you like to become the broadcast media's go-to expert?

The Broadcast Academy helps experts become the broadcast media’s go-to expert via our entry level ‘Level Up in Broadcast’ or our ‘Lithium X’ higher level coaching and consulting course and programme. We help people get themselves on TV and radio on the back of breaking news stories and planned diary stories as the expert. This expert’s brand will then be in front of millions of people, without spending millions on advertising. We also have PR’s on the programme too, to learn how to get their clients on TV and radio regularly. 

The programme involves live group online video coaching sessions with Kerry Hopkins where clients get one on one time with Kerry to ask questions, share their computer screen and get advice.

There is an online private community where clients support, help and motivate each other, and the Broadcast Academy staff answer questions and give advice.  There is an On- Demand training platform that clients use whatever time of the day or night to suit their schedule.

The ‘Level Up in Broadcast’ programme transforms businesses. It increases the spokespeople’s status, reputation, the level of respect they get, and their company revenue usually always increases because doors open and sales leads come knocking on your door much more rather than you having to proactively find them. The calibre of graduates and staff the organisation is then able to attract increases too.

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