When I came across this tragically disfigured teenage boy on Youtube,  I was heartbroken.

When he was two, a candle by his cot set it alight and he suffered 80% burns. It’s a miracle he survived.

The boy’s name is Zaid Garcia and he’s originally from Mexico (or his mum is.) He now lives in Texas, USA. 

His eyes are sewn up. His nose has never been reconstructed or his other burns properly treated because of the high cost of medical bills.

In the UK, this would never ever happen as he would get treatment for free and further money needed would be raised by the public.

However, fortunately, a wonderful American man has found this young man and started a fundraising campaign for him.

With the miracle of surgery nowadays, prosthodontics, hair treatments, potentially seeing again, and so on, Zaid’s future could fill with hope. Take a look at the clip, below… he’s a lovely, smart kid with so much potential.

I have donated. Let your heart and head work for you in helping him too.

I tried to donate on Google chrome and it didn’t work, so I cut and pasted the URL onto Safari and the donation went through fine. So do try different browsers if needed.

The donation link is underneath the YouTube video here. Please like and share to get this boy all the help he needs and deserves.



Kerry Hopkins